The February Furor!

“Have mercy!”
             – Jesse Katsopolis 

    When: Friday, the 12th.
    The merc with a mouth, whom we’ve been waiting for since what feels like ages is finally a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    What we know so far:
    From just the trailer we can tell that Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool. All our apprehensions from Origins: Wolverine were beginning to crop up from mid-2015 (because, let’s face it, that movie screwed him up really bad) add that to the fright that was Ryan Reynolds’ past with Superhero movies and we were just a breeze away from a breakdown. The hilarious trailer of course wiped all that away and gave us a clean slate with Deadpool’s profanity scribbled all over.
    Some other familiar faces spotted in the trailers include Colossus and Ajax among others. Of course there will be a Stan Lee cameo but we can expect more cameos from other mutants or X-force members, maybe?
    Ryan Reynolds seems perfect for the role and we can confidently say this without having even seen the movie. The credit for that goes to the movie’s scarily pro-active marketing team who’ve kept us on the edge of our seats for the past few months, feeding us tidbits every week. All the while familiarizing the world with the insane anti-hero who has heightened our anxiety and made the wait that much worse.
    The wait though, is finally just about done and thank the Gods, because we could wait no more.

2. THE WALKING DEAD (Season 6 returns)

When: Sunday, the 14th.
The first half of Season 6 began, brilliantly. The first few episodes in particular, were very well-paced and thrilling and even managed to give us some chills. It felt like a revival. They ended with a cliffhanger (surprise, surprise..*sigh*) which left us wanting walkers to feast on a little kid. (Some of us at least, right? No? Okay.)
What we know so far: Towards mid-season, the show’s pace became slower but they managed to keep up the ante, even so. The predictable events that occurred in the mid-season finale (read: walker-herd mayhem) left the story at a point where it was hard to let go. They teased the coming of a new villain (to be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, just fyi) and his gang in an end-credits scene and just left us there. Typical. Some of the inhabitants of Alexandria were left unconscious, some stranded and some just plain traumatized. Some dead and some others just waiting to be eaten. It will be really interesting to see how they begin the new episode, which airs in the U.S. on Valentine’s day, because why not?
Norman Reedus has apparently stated that there will be more of Daryl to see in the forthcoming episodes and we could not be happier. After getting through the major problem at hand (which they will get through, soon enough) his unfinished business with those random (or maybe not random, at all) people, needs to be addressed. And some butts need to be pierced with a crossbow. Rick, Carl, Michonne and the others are going to have to spill some walker guts and brains and we’ve waited long enough to see how.

3. BETTER CALL SAUL (Season 2)
When: Monday, the 15th.

The first season opened to an excellent start and we can’t wait for more.

What we know so far: With some excellent content in Season 1, from the very beginning, Better Call Saul gave us hope. Saul Goodman was a great choice to pull off a stand alone series. The character development was paced but the build up was worthwhile. Spin-offs generally don’t end up wooing the audience like the original shows do and Breaking Bad on top of everything happens to be one of the greatest shows, ever. Better Call Saul, did live up.
There is a good deal of expectations from the second season. Just like Breaking Bad, the first season shows promise. The show has potential and could at some point go on to fill in the shoes of its predecessor. (or is that being too optimistic?)
Only time will tell, but so far it’s looking good for Saul.

When: Sunday, the 21st.
I did my waiting. Twelve years of it. 
Not in Azkaban but it pretty much did feel like it anyway.
What we know so far:
Mathew Perry won’t exactly be in it.  According to the reports, he Skyped his way into it, but he wasn’t physically present there.
No matter what the internet has fed you with, let’s get real here, this isn’t the Reunion we’ve all been waiting for. And it’s not just because of Chandler’s absence.  This is a part of a two-hour special for director James Burrows and our Friends won’t be the only ones present there. This isn’t a sequel we all were looking forward to. It’s just them getting together on a stage, talking about the show that had a major impact on our lives. And making us cry, of course.
That said, the cast of the show is getting together after ages and what’s better than listening to them talk about the show and each other? 


When: Friday, the 26th.
The Tanner family, that was a big part of our childhood is coming back to the small screen now, all grown up. (*cue the feels*)
What we know so far:
Fuller House, the sequel series to Full House is all set to make us laugh, cry and laugh again. The absence of Michelle is strange and we know, will be covered up. At least we know she’s supposed to be in NYC. From the trailers we see that the girls move back into their old house in San Francisco. DJ is a mom which is so weird now because the last time we saw her she was heading to her senior prom. It’s good to see Steve in the promos too but their whole dynamic remains a tad bit unclear. Steph and Kimi haven’t really changed all that much, apparently. Their antics seem on point. Joey and Danny are adorable, just as they always were. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky (one of our first OTPs from when OTPs weren’t even a thing) look fantastic (John Stamos, have mercy!). Their twins are grown up and this is just getting weirder and making us feel really old.

Happy February, everyone!
Let the games begin.

Top 10 Pink Floyd songs

“All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.”
-Breathe, Pink Floyd (1973)

Late last year, one of the world’s favourite bands of all time- Pink Floyd, finally (no, really..this is it) called it quits and split up, leaving us a tiny bit heartbroken but reminiscing their glory days..(Wait, we weren’t around in their glory days).. or rather the times we spent basking in the brilliance of their unfathomably insane music.

Pink Floyd has inspired myriad musicians and their music persists as a favourite among older and newer generations. It has that epic quality and originality that will persist onward, regardless of time and space.
To personally annotate the few of their works that stood out above the rest, here is a list of our top ten, Pink Floyd songs.
(It’s okay if you don’t agree with the list, we had our disagreements too)

10. Us and Them
Saxophone solos. Two of them. The song fuses jazz with rock and the result is something very sublime.
“Us and Them and after all, we’re only ordinary men.”
The song tells the story of war. How the soldiers aren’t the bad guys, they are all ‘ordinary men.’ No matter who wins, soldiers from both sides lose their lives. The people who really want them to fight are never a part of it.

The song’s lyrics hit hard and hit home. It’s a wonderful song to wake up to.

9. Eclipse

(Random fact: Dark Side of the Moon was almost titled “Eclipse.”)
The final track from the album, this song takes it round in a circle by resonating the first track of the album, “Speak to Me”, through the synchronized heartbeats in both the songs.
“Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.”
The song uses the metaphors of the Sun and the Moon to represent the good and the grim. All the good there is, is up for grabs. But, the dark side tries too hard to seduce us. Whoever has been through the same or feels the same, need not worry. There is no dark side of the moon, really. Everything in the world is dark. Everything around you, everyone around you is filled with it. We’re all insane, it’s just a matter of perspective. You’re not alone.

8. Brain Damage
Would we be wrong in saying that this song can make you question your own sanity? Well for us, it did. Every time, it did. If you look at it objectively, you could argue that the song’s motive is more to depress than uplift spirits. But that’s Floyd, right there… it’s as depressing as it is relieving, as straightforward as it is complicated and insane, through and through (and did we mention, dark? VERY DARK.).
This psychedelic monstrosity is perfect for cracking everything that is mundane.
Clearly, the lunatic is in our heads.

7. Hey You
The human desire to be heard, be felt and touched can often be all consuming. To those who like to distance themselves from reality, coming back is a challenge.‘Hey You’ addresses that cry for help.
“Don’t give up without a fight.”
The song calls to everyone who is struggling to find a way to pick up the pieces and start afresh. But maybe they have isolated themselves too much to come back to reality.
The song reminds you to never lose hope because “together we stand, divided we fall.”
Besides that, David Gilmour takes his turn to play bass rather than Roger Waters. ‘Hey You’ has one of the most celebrated guitar solos in Classic Rock.

6. Echoes

The second longest song by Floyd. Genius.
“Strangers passing in the street, by chance two separate glances meet and I am you and what I see is me.”
The song tells the story of how nothing really goes on the way we expect it to. There’s light within us all, we are not that different. There’s antipathy too and we need someone known to sing us “lullabies.”
The music for ‘Echoes’ is quite unearthly. It is a song that mutates each time you hear it and so, you interpret it differently, every time.

5. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
4 T

Our very own, highly relatable protest song against the stupid education system. How could we not sympathize?
We don’t need no thought control’, is exactly what we have thought over and over throughout school. To every frustrated student, whose potential has never really been given the right outlet and has been suppressed because it just wouldn’t comply with the norm, this song speaks volumes. After years of struggling with school, trying to keep up with the rest and never getting to express your own self, when you are not ready to become just another clone, spurted out into the world, this is what you need to hear and you’ll have all you need to know.
“Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!”

4. Time

“To be here now, this is it. Make the most of it.”

The song starts with the sounds of various clocks and alarms.
Such soulful music with such few words, calls out to us. In between the struggles of growing up and making something of ourselves, we so often neglect the fact that ‘time’ is a limited resource. We never have had all the time in the world and the sad truth is, we never will. It thus, becomes necessary to make the most of all that we get.
‘Time’, reminds us of just that.


3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond


26 minutes of pure awesomeness.
This song was a tribute to a band member who had to leave unceremoniously.
It is a song that works to replenish one’s self-worth and has the ability to motivate. The song lets all the elements of the band’s music have their own spotlight. The bass, the vocals, the drums and the keyboard are all synchronized yet distinct.

2. Wish You Were Here
“We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl… year after year.”
The ethos of this whole song is summed up in this one line.
It is a song that at times, makes you question yourself. Talking about friends who have changed so much over a course of time that they’ve become someone else entirely (or maybe, it’s us who have changed), this song manages to make you picture the good old days when you were with them and everything was right in the world. And how, in essence not a lot is different, yet, it can’t be the same.

1. Comfortably Numb

One of the best guitar solos of all time, the highs and lows of which are satiating as they are titillating.
Haunting, daunting and beautiful.
Comfortably Numb is that one song on everyone’s playlist that you play when you absolutely need to go into a trance (for high and sober fellows, alike). Floyd’s best song according to us, and many, Comfortably Numb is an instant relief to a soul that’s either been craving it or has had it all along, anyway. It’s an escape portal that leaves you feeling light and strangely fulfilled. The vocals work magically to subdue one’s angst, broken heart or just a mind at unrest. When you are looking to zone out everything and everyone around you, let go and just close your eyes, sit back and listen to this epic amalgamation of great instrumentals and haunting vocals.
You will regret nothing.

Do you agree with our list?
Let us know in the comments. 🙂

21 Perfect F.R.I.E.N.D.S Episodes

“Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but this is for life.”

It has been twenty one years. Twenty one years of laughter, love, heartbreaks, sarcasm, pizza, dinosaurs, songs, coffee, celebrities, life, and so much more.
1994 marked an epic year in TV history, giving us what is now probably the most loved TV show of all time. Twenty one years ago, the pilot aired and Rachel strut down to Central Perk in her wedding gown to meet a bunch of regular twenty somethings and changed our lives forever.
We have grown up with these characters and that’s probably why we’re so invested in their lives even today. In our books, Friends is the perfect sitcom. We laughed and cried all the same and it never gets old no matter how many re-runs.

We present to you, twenty-one ‘perfect’ episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Perfect here simply means the funniest episodes which don’t leave you wanting to rip out your insides.
Trust us, this was one of the most difficult things we have ever done in all our lives.

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Why Should You Watch K-Dramas?

“I found out for the first time that someone who can stop my time. Do you know that? The world that surrounded me disappeared for a moment. In the paused time, the only sensation, the feeling of only breathing, that…was you.”

That’s what a Korean Drama feels like.

One might argue that that’s what all TV shows feel like, if you binge watch them. Well, that is true, but their Korean counterparts can take it a bit further. Korean dramas are short term investments which can please you as much as those long time affairs with other TV shows or sometimes even more. The first K-Drama I watched, I Hear Your Voice, had the most satisfying ending in a TV show ever and that still stands true.

A Korean Drama has all the elements that constitute a good show. The romance will make you question your own love life and if you’re single (like me), your standards will be set up too high. It isn’t really a bad thing, you know. The storyline grips you from the first episode itself. The characters are so well written, that you can feel what they are feeling; they feel too real. You grow with them, you cry with them and they stay in your hearts forever.

One of the things that I find the most compelling is the way the drama constantly tugs at your gut. There are so many twist and turns that the show never gets boring. Yeah, it may drag at times but then some other twist is added and you just cannot stop. One reason for this is that the producers keep adjusting the shows to the demands of the audience. They are shot at very tight schedules and sometimes just 3-4 hours before the broadcast times. As much trouble it is for the actors, the audience is mostly always satisfied.

The dramas are usually 12-24 episodes long. Sometimes more episodes are added at the last time to meet the public demand. Every episode is usually an hour long, but hey, it’s so worth it. By the end, you’d be wishing they were longer. Trust me.

One thing I don’t understand: Why is everyone so ridiculously attractive? What is the deal with that?

Oh my God!


Even the parents.

Kill me already.

Korean dramas have at least one male shirtless scene or a shower scene and on the other hand, the female lead is usually covered up. Sexist much?

I’m not really complaining tho. *-*

The kisses are barely touching the lips and the number of times they almost happen is so damn frustrating, I swear. Argh.
But even that innocence imbibes so much aww…

I can’t even.

Even the scenes are breathtaking. Do you even know how beautiful Korea is?

Now let’s talk about the soundtracks. If there’s one thing that can get on your nerves (and I say it from experience) is that the catchy tunes will get stuck in your mind and you’ll have to listen to the whole OST to find out what song that was.
Repercussion: you’ll fall for almost half the soundtrack.

No regrets there, I assure you.

With the Hallyu wave slowly taking over the world, you’d be wise to join on it now or you might have to regret later.

No, seriously.
Korean culture is fast spreading all across the globe. Korean music, dramas, movies, actors, are widely getting recognition and for good reason. I was lucky enough to get on the trend three years back and since then, I’ve been encouraging everyone to do the same. I’ve been addicted since day one and I assure you that’s what’s in store for you as well.

On Pristine Wits, I’m gonna try and help you around. Every month I’ll recommend a new KDrama. I’ll be doing this alone until Shraddy joins in and oh boy, wouldn’t that be something!

Until next time, daume ddo bayo!

Under-appreciated T.V. show of the month: THE OFFICE (U.S.)

 (Beware of minor spoilers!)

 “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

                                                                                                                                     -Andy Bernard

The Office is a documentary-styled sitcom that’s bound to make you gag. The series was an adaptation of the British sitcom of the same name which had seen great success. Despite a rickety start, The Office (U.S.) went on to win critical acclaim and numerous awards beyond its first season. The plot revolves around the lives of the employees at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. based in Scranton. The montage of characters and their mundane lives and utter awkwardness (also, often inappropriate work-place behavior) is ironically, what gives life to the show. The characters seem so genuine that if you wouldn’t know better it could truly begin to appear like a real-life documentary.

The show’s original cast is composed of a number of new-comers (of that time) and the likes of Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson who were seasoned actors already. The other cast members include John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Mindy Kaling, Angela Martin and later Ed Helms, Rashida Jones and Oh, so many more! Many of the actors were virtually unknown but became prominent in many TV shows and movies after the success of the series.

michael1’s Michael Scott is one of the most annoying yet compelling and lovable characters who also happens to be the father of the “that’s what she said..”- genre of jokes on TV. Michael is an incompetent Manager who assumes he is the world’s best boss. He is often insensitive to the people around him, never really realizing it. He is oblivious and whimsical but has a good heart. He thinks of his subordinates as family and manages to forge close relationships with many of them. He was a central character who wasn’t even present in all the seasons and his absence did make for a significant lack in luster. He is goofy in his own special way and happens to be a fantastic character. So much so, that he won Steve Carell an Emmy. central love story involves Fischer and Krasinski who play Pam & Jim. The two of them are possibly, the most loved characters whose chemistry and storyline makes them one of my favourite TV couples of all time. Right up there with the likes of Monica & Chandler, Marshall & Lily etc. These two have made me choke up with tears more times than I care to admit. If cheese is not really your thing, they’ll make sure that is becomes, so. They are a very real couple whose tale is immediately identifiable if not relatable. They have their ups and downs but are always able to overcome grim situations and it is addictive to watch. It becomes nearly impossible not to ship them.

Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is another brilliant character. He is the selfish, immoral, almost-robotic sycophant who could take to any means to dominate the work-place. His antics are as hilarious as they are incorrigible. He is buffered only by Jim, who knows just how to handle him (by which I mean, push him over the edge to make him even more chaotic, mainly to himself). Their camaraderie/rivalry makes for some of the best scenes in the show.
Three of the show’s writers also play the roles of three employees- Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling), Ryan, the temp (B.J. Novak) and Toby, the HR-guy (Paul Lieberstein). Many of the characters have the same first name as the actors, portraying them. Dunder Mifflin has a variety of employees of whom some are older, belong to different races, have very orthodox beliefs etc. making for a group that has to face some difficulties, getting along. Their differences are relative and they do indeed get along but the road to it, is always rocky.

The show is in fact under-appreciated as its slightly inconsistent graphs don’t exactly inspire the potential audience, considering it. One has to really go into it, lowering their expectations because it is not your average slapstick. Especially in season one, not everything will make you laugh. It isn’t in the very least, obvious in terms of hilarity. It is flooded with sarcasm and puns that initially take some time to come off in a way that goes down well with the viewers. Nonetheless, I daresay it is brilliant. Brilliant in its concept, characters and especially its script.

To sum up, this show has it all- comedy, chaos, romance, bromance, team-spirit, emotion, awkwardness, blasphemy, politically incorrect jokes, stereotypes, shamelessness, mystery and even a bit of music, here and there. I won’t deny, one has to be slightly patient at the beginning as the show wasn’t exactly off to an amazing start and the brand of comedy isn’t the kind to be accepted by all. The persistence is definitely worth it as the show progresses to its second season and beyond. Not going to lie, but it doesn’t even go out with a bang. The final few seasons witness a bunch of new additions to the cast, not all of whom are able to keep the show’s momentum up, the same way.

Why then do I suggest this under-appreciated show? Simply because the seasons in between summed up with the final episode are so good, it could be a crime to miss them. It is a show one must watch if what one looks for is unabashed comedy with a hint of heart-warming mush. Through the show’s middle and all through to the end, it is hard not to like every character, even the ones you may initially loathe. The real yet unreal feel of viewing is simply unmatched, making this award winning series, certainly worth a watch.

Top 5 Pretentious Movie Reviews

Impress people by how unimpressed you are.

Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath are quite possibly, unsurpassed in their witty, comedic chemistry that has been able to entrap minds such as ours that wander Youtube, watching and then re-watching videos that we can’t get enough of. Their comic timing, natural reactions and witty one-liners have charmed us in a way that their reviews of some terribly mundane and eccentric movies have now sprouted colloquialisms which are a hit in pop-culture. They’ve dominated in such a way that certain consequences stem out from watching the videos in a very “The Ring”-like fashion.

As we wait, in anticipation for more from the not so pretentious duo that’s got us all laughing in every which way, possible… let’s recap. Here, are our top 5 Pretentious Movie Reviews.

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Harry Potter Characters We All Can Take Inspiration From – Part 1

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

If you’ve been wanting to re-read the series and couldn’t make time, here’s something that you’ll definitely love (and thank us, probably or want to kill; whichever is suitable). Here we have compiled the list of all the inspirational characters we’ve found in the Harry Potter Universe. (And the list is looong)
Harry Potter has been an integral part of our lives. It was also the reason we became friends, the reason this blog exists (It’s kinda freaky tbvh). We, honestly, can’t imagine our lives without it. We know we are the way we are, because we are Potterheads. JKR has been shaping our minds, from a very young age. So, what better way to start this blog than writing about HP itself?

The list is in two parts; the reason for which, you’ll hopefully figure out by the end of this one.
P.s. There might be a lot of times you’ll feel like killing us, but I assure you we’re more evil than you might think.
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